Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Kidding Updates August 27

August 27,2012

Finally have updated some of our website with our Linear Appraisal scores.  We were pleased with our session and as usual there is always something to learn.   Now comes time to sit down and plan our breeding season while limiting the number of does we will be breeding!

I also have a lot of work to do on our website adding all of our new Hi-Land Saanen does.  We finished two does this year and earned several legs on others.  We will be attending the Big E in W. Springfield the end of September and that will just about finish showing for the year.  We may attend the show in Sandwich, NH the following weekend but not quite sure yet.  I really enjoy the show up there in New Hampshire.  It is such a neat little fair!

We continue to whittle down our Lamancha herd.  We have sold Crusader and three of the does which will leave us with Little Rainbow French Pie who will be 14 years old.  She will live the remainder of her life here.  She is probably one of the last of the Little Rainbow herd owned by Tom and Barbara Reed.  We may keep two Crusader dry yearlings to see them in milk!

We do have our Spotlight Sale Kickapoo Valley Alpine buck Zeus for sale.  He has grown into quite a handsome fellow but we are not going to be breeding any Alpines this year .  The old girls will live in retirement.

Madison is going on 13 years old and continues to amaze us .  She is rather spoiled but looking wonderful. We were extremely pleased with our Rendezvous daughters in milk and can't wait to see how they mature.

We are also downsizing our Oberhasli herd .  We had a lot of doe kids born this year so must decide who stays and who goes.  We are keeping 5 milkers .

We have gotten some lovely daughters out of  CH Mcquitty Farm WMV Macabee.  The Saanen kids are lovely and we are so pleased to have added quite a few of the Hi-Land herd .

We were worried like everyone else about the hay situation but thankfully, we have enough to get us through until next spring.  It does help when you cut down on the number of animals you have.

Enough for now.   Wishing everyone well.   Donna

June 3,2012
It has been quite a hectic year and I am finally finding time to update our blog.  We will be listing only what we have left for sale which will make it easier to browse through.  We have been to our first show in May and  were very pleased to have the Best Doe in Show with two different Saanens .  We also had a 4year old Oberhasli go Best of Breed in both rings with 25 milkers total.  Our yearling and 2 year old Oberhasli were first in their class in the Oberhasli Specialy ring.   Our yearling Toggs placed first and second in one ring and first in the second ring.  Our 3 year old Togg went Reserve Grand in one ring.  A hectic day showing three different breeds in two different rings!!!!

We have been very fortunate to have acquired some lovely Saanens  one of which at her first show ever was Best in Show!   Hi-Land Lotus.  Thank you Jean Hurlburt for entrusting your favorite old girl to us.

We have sold our small Nigerian herd and have dramatically cut down our Alpine herd keeping only the old girls who will be retired.   We may only keep a few dry yearling Lamanchas along with a 2 year old milker.  Hard decisions to make but necessary as we wish to concentrate on our Toggs, Oberhasli and Saanens.