Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 2018

Glen is dealing with Alzheimers and was diagnosed  9 years ago.  It is a battle that cannot be won.  We have dispersed of many of our animals and breeds,  We no longer have Alpines, Lamanchas, Nubians, Saanens
( well just a Saanen doeling from 2017)  Really miss the Saanens!  We have our Toggs and a few Oberhalsi left.  Most of our toggs go back to Madison as we have always line-bred.  Sadly we have said good by to
SGCH Madison at age 15 her daughter CH Maddie at age 12 , CH Tavoli our Spotlight Sale purchase and dam of Welbian Farm's Timeless , the 2018 Reserve National Champion at age 8.

We said good by to our Oberhasli foundation doe. CH Welbian Farm's Hot to Trot at age 12, also one of our nicest upcoming 4 years old CH Welbian Farm's Just the Ritz to an accident . Lastly , we said good by
 to our faithful Old English Mastiff who was indeed a gentle giant!!

we have been blessed with good things also.

Having less animals has made it easier to do chores and stay a little ahead of things.   We have about 20 goats including bucks and kids.  We made difficult decisions and kept only what we thought were the best breedings we had. We don't get to go to many shows but try at least to go to two.

We were thrilled to get a Rendezvous son  from Joan and Charles Rowe.  A beautiful boy with an outstanding pedigree.  The Rowe bucks have always done nice thing  for us.

We thank God for all the wonderful friends who have done so much for us as Glen is losing his battle and can not help much.  I am learning to be independent as Glen was always there to do things.  He really loves his goats !!
I have 12 goats bred,  2 more than I wanted to breed.

Life is good.  Our daughters are doing well as are all the grandchildren.  We miss our son but will see him again someday!

We wish everyone a wonderful kidding season with beautiful kids !!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welbian Farm Update January 2016

Family and Goat News from Welbian Farm Jan. 2016

It has been a while since I have updated our website with family /animal news! I had decided that as we were getting “older” we might enjoy those cold winter nights with a little “lap” dog for company. As usual, Glen thought I was getting senile and said no dogs. Well, we now have two little Peek-a Poo sisters Muffin and Biscuit,and they are the joy of our lives! Never thought little dogs could be so loving. We have always had Pointers. Then, the unexpected happened--our daughter and son-in-law asked us to take their dog as they no longer have children at home and they lead busy lives and the dog was so lonesome. So Reggie has come to live with us --all 210 pounds of Old English Mastiff!! The Pearce household has really gone to the dogs! The little girls are now 7 years old and Reggie is 10. We have had him  since he was 4 years old. A gentle giant to say the least!

Our oldest grandchildren are all grown up . Kelly got married this past June. They are all living away. Micki lives in Myrtle Beach and Randi lives in Florida. These are our oldest daughter Ellen and her husband Jon's children. Ellen and Jon are spending their first winter in Myrtle Beach this year so we no longer have any of  our children close by.

Our next daughter Nancy lives near Ottawa with her husband Mike and their two boys Tyler 12 and Zach 10. Of course living in Canada you have to know that they live their lives playing Hockey !! We try to get to some of their tournaments and enjoy watching them.

Our youngest daughter Rebecca and her husband Steve live near Ocala, Florida with their 10 year old daughter Kylie. They are pretty much still into horses and Kylie has been showing since she was 5 years old. Both her Mom and Dad showed horses growing up !

Sadly we lost our only son to ALS on Valentine's Day 2014. He left behind a little 4 and 1/2 year old son Michael for whom he was the main caregiver. Michael now lives with his mother but we are so blessed to have him close by and see him often. He brings us much joy.

Michael Binion is no longer with us as he is now living in Albany and helping out a friend there ! He will be missed and we wish him the best and thank him for all he has done for us.

On to our goat updates:

Alpines: We have dispersed our Alpine Herd and have one Togg/Alpine Experimental kid.

Lamanchas: Another difficult decision was to disperse our Lamancha herd and again we have an Experimental kid!

Oberhasli: Because of family illness we have cut way back on all our animals and only have 5 Oberhasli does and 2 bucks . Hot to Trot is now 10 years old and still looks wonderful !

Toggenburgs: We said goodbye to some grand old does this year including our beloved Madison and her daughter Maddie. We also lost our spotlight sale buck, Rowe's Falcon Rendezvous, a devastating blow to our breeding program. Thanks to Joan and Charlie Rowe, we now have a new Junior Herdsire , Rowe's Flash Drive !! Again we had to make some difficult decisions and only maintained about 10
 Toggenburg does and three bucks.

Saanens: Our Saanen herd has been dispersed except for CH Hi-Land Lotus who is 10 years old and did not breed last year so we will try to crossbreed her .

We are down to 23 animals and will continue with them as long as we are able. There comes that time in all our lives when we have to make that final decision. Until that time , we will continue to breed the best Toggenburgs and Oberhasli that we are able to !!

Glen and Donna Pearce
204 Davern Road
Peru, NY 12972

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

It has been a while since we have posted an update to our blog.   I hope to do a better job this coming year.   Arn't New Year resolutions wonderful !!  We wish all our friends a year filled with health , happiness, and prosperity.

The past year has seen many changes here at Welbian Farm.   Due to our son's battle with ALS. he is no longer able to do our website  so I ask that you bear with me as I try to learn to take care of it myself.   It definitely will not have all the fancy things it could do when David was taking care of it but at least it will be functional and informative!

A hard year for our bucks as we lost three of our best  boys.  Both CH McQuitty Farm WMV Macabee (Saanen)  and Udderly Crazy Holy Roller (Oberhasli) were 8 years old.  We also lost our Spotlight Sale Togenburg buck Rowe's Falcon Rendezvous  who was the 2014 Premier Sire at Nationals.    All three of them produced some lovely animals for us.   Fortuntately we do have semen  but a straw isn't quite the same as a smelly old friend.

We have also cut way back on our herd and will continue to do so as Glen is battlling frontal lobe dementia .   He has always been an integral part of our goat enterprise and really loves them.  Unfortunately he is not able to do as much as he could in the past.

Our Toggenburg herd mostly descends from Welbian Farm Whin's Madison, our 2004 National Champion and BU and 2007 Reserve National Champion  who will turn 15 in March.   We have a few that are not related.  Our  Spotlight Sale doe Pindell's ASJ Tavoli and Quality Crest Matisse Credenza.  We have a Madison/Rendezvous buck,  Mad Max and two youngsters, a Maddie/Rendezvous cross and a Quality Crest buckling.

Our Oberhalsi all are related to Welbian Farm's Hot to Trot except for one.  There is a lot of consistency in their breeding and we only kept 6 does.  The outcross is from a Sparkling Acres doe.
Most all the breedings also go back to Holy Roller.  We have kept two Holy Roller sons.

Our Saanens started with the Hi-Land herd and continue to play a large part in our breeding program.
Macabee made a large impact on our offstrings.   Our Junior herdsire is a results of the breeding of Hi-Land Lotus LA92 and Macabee LA90.  We are excited to see what he produces.

We no longer have Nigerians.  We have a token Lamancas. and 2 old Alpines and 2 Alpine kids both of whom are Sasin grand daughters.  Glen likes his Alpines .

We will only be breeding around 20 does and will offer most of the kids for sale.

We have been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren and thank God for all the friendships we have made through the years with our goats.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 1, 2013

Our website is finally updated!!   You must bear with me as my son has always maintained this large website for me but due to his ALS diagnosis, he is no longer able to do it. 

It has been a tremendous learning experience for me as I am not the most computer literate person.  You will have to be patient with small errors as I find my way!  Most noticably is the fact that I have not learned how to change the Doe/Buck listings on the left side of the breed pages.  Please just click on the breed or the picture of the breed to find info on animals.

We have some exciting breedings planned but as we all know  Artificial Insemination does not always work but we are going to try several of our does .  We have been extremely pleased with our Rendezvous progeny.   He is very consistent in what he produces!  His 2 year old daughter Lesniak-Hill Ria just went BOB at the Big E show in West Springfield, MA!

I wish everyone a good breeding season and may all your breeding plans fall into place.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1.2013

Well it certainly has been a while since we have updated our blog.   It has been a difficult year in many ways.  Cutting back has been difficult as these goats are really our babies!  We have had family health problems that has also made us realize that we needed to cut back.  Our son was recently diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gehrig's disease) for which there is no cure. 

We had a bad kidding season battling some type of enterotoxemia and lost several of our nice Toggenburg kids including our Spotlight Sale Nomination.   Fine at last check at night and gone in the morning !  Really devastating.  Thinking of what we can do different to prevent this for next year.  Most of the kids that were affected were born in May so we have decided not to breed after November this year,  Seems the kids do much better who were born early.

We have a few Alpines left.  SGCH Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherubim left us after kidding this year.  She was a lovely old doe  and is missed.  We did breed one of Christel's Alpines,  Lainey to Zeus before he left and have two little does.   They are staying as Glen does like his Alpine babies.  

The last of our Lamanchas left us today and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  CH Welbian Farm's Sweetie Pie.  Our  Lamancha herd has come to an end.   I know we will miss them.

We are very pleased with our young Toggenburg herd.  They mostly come from our Madison line.  Madison is still going strong and will be 14 in March!  Her daughter Maddie will be bred to Rendezvous .  We hope to do some AI breedings this year including Whinchezter, Walker Farm Honor System, and perhaps Stonybrook Cavalier.  These past few years have been a rebuilding time for us and we really like our Rendezvous daughters.   He is throwing such consistency and lovely mammaries.

We were thrilled when our Oberhasli buck Udderly Crazy Holy Roller LA 92 EEE!  He has produced some lovely kids for us.  His 2 year old daughters from his breeding to CH Welbian Farm's Hot to Trot have done very well this year as 1st freshening two year olds.  Both have earned championship legs.  Our Oberhasli herd is small and stem mostly from Hot to Trot and CH Sparkling Acres Dixie Sunshine.  We used Devonshire Finite Moment this year are very pleased with the kids from his breedings.  All have lovely general appearance.   Thank you to Dave and Sally Graybill for letting him come for a visit!  We sadly lost Sir Echo Bricker's Ritz to some type of anaphylactic shock .  We are fortunate to have one yearling daughter from him that is lovely.  Thank you Sandy for sending him to us.

Our last breed is the Saanens.  I have really come to like these animals.  They are just awesome!  Lotus LA 92, Serenity LA 91, Lucy LA 91 , and Sarah LA90. Tranquility (RG) LA 90.Ad Lib LA87 (1st Freshening 2 year old), Iris LA 86 (yearling) and Harmony (RG)LA 85 (yearling).  Macabee has given us some lovely daughters.   Our new Junior Herdsire Loughlin;s Duncan was used only a few times but we do like what he has produced.  I never thought I would see so many white does in the barn!!

We will only be breeding between 20 and 25 does this year.   All 11  doe kids that we are keeping will be kept as dry yearlings .    We are presently milking 15 does and enjoying the lesser work load.
Now the fun begins to work out our breedings plans.   We have not been to very many shows this year but do hope to make the National Show next year in Kentucky.

We are fortunate to still have Michael with us as he is such a helper and loves to go over those pedigrees!!

I am in the process of updating the website and will get the projected breedings on as soon as we make the decisions.

Hope everyone has a wonderful fall !

Donna, Glen , and Michael

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26,2013 Welbian Farm Update

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.   It is such a beautiful time of the year and seems to bring out the best in us!  I love Christmas time with all the Christmas music and  decorations and good spirit.

We have been busy here at Welbian Farm since our last visit.   We decided that we needed to cut back on the number of animals as we are not getting any younger!  We reduced our Lamancha herd down to our CH Sweetie Pie and her daughter who will be a dry yearling.  Our Shady Lawn buck  Crusader went to Kathy Gigas in Maine and we hope he gives her some beautiful babies.

We also reduced our Alpines and just kept the Waiilatpu sisters who are now 11 and will stay with us until they die.  We also kept Christal Clum's two does who are 8 and 7.  Most of our does are getting on in age!
We sold our Spotlight Sale buck Kickapoo-Valley Zeus to a nice young man in Canada although against our better judgment (remember we were cutting back) bred him to Cherubim and Lainey!  We also kept Cherubim's twin does from last year.  Glen likes his Alpines and we will be taking back our Cherubim/Sasin son in the spring to linebred on the doe kids.

The Nigerians are all gone . We enjoyed them and so did the grandchildren and  I admire the folks that can show them because I would never be able to straighten up again !!

We will always have Toggenburgs!  We are so pleased with the young stock that are the result of our Spot Light Sale buck Rowe's Falcon  Rendezvous breedings.  He reminds me so much of  Sun-Kissed Whinchezter in that he is throwing consistency and mammaries like Whin did.   We have a son out of Madison and Rendezvous, Mad Max, who will have daughters in milk this spring and we are looking forward to seeing them.   Jeff Klein has his full brother.  Madison will be 13 in March . I don't think she will have kids this year  but time will tell.  We are excited to have one of our Tavoli daughters AI'd to Welbian Farm's Whin's Badger.    We  have kept two  Togg buck from our 2012  kiddings: A Tavoli/Flashpoint son and a Round Robin /Mad Max son.

We have become quite fond of our growing Saanen herd.  I always put my foot in my mouth and remember saying many year ago that I didn't like color breeds as you could never tell them apart.  Now I sit with egg on my face as usual as our 3 main breeds are color breeds!!!  We were blessed to get a wonderful start in Saanens from such breeder as Billy Woodwood, Kristin Loughlin, Joan Zahnizer, and our dear friend, Jean Hurlburt who would have never given up her babies if she didn't have to . CH McQuitty Farm WMV Macabee has produced some beautiful offsprings for us.  He is getting some age on him so we purchased a young buck from Kristen Loughlin this past fall that will line breed well with our lines.   We also added a Hi-Land Lotus son from Jean.  Our Hi-Land  does have had a year to settle in their new home and we are anxious to see them at their best this year.

We cut back quite a bit on our Oberhasli last year as we now have decided what we want in our Obers.  We sent Sparkling Acres Hot Shot to visit with Dave and Sally Graybill, owners of the  Owl-Ridge Oberhasli herd and they in return sent us Devonshire Finite Moment who is the littermate brother to CH Devonshire Finesse who we lost this past year.   He has beautiful general appearance like his sister and has some lovely daughters!  We have also used Heaven Hollow's Abel quite a bit this year .We brought back a Cream of Kansas doe that we had let out for a few years.  Beth Kennelly has a nice daughter out of her down in Florida so we are excited to see what she has.

Now we are preparing for a busy kidding season as we have about 40 does bred and we hand bottle feed all the kids.  (Yes , we really are crazy!!) Last year we kidded out almost 60 does so we are making progress.   We will update our website as kids are born.

Hopefully I can get my son , who has been quite busy, to finish updating the Oberhasli and Togg website.  My goal this year is pictures!!!  Please feel free to also join our page on Facebook.

Hope everyone has a wonderful kidding season .   Donna, Glen , and Mike

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Kidding Updates August 27

August 27,2012

Finally have updated some of our website with our Linear Appraisal scores.  We were pleased with our session and as usual there is always something to learn.   Now comes time to sit down and plan our breeding season while limiting the number of does we will be breeding!

I also have a lot of work to do on our website adding all of our new Hi-Land Saanen does.  We finished two does this year and earned several legs on others.  We will be attending the Big E in W. Springfield the end of September and that will just about finish showing for the year.  We may attend the show in Sandwich, NH the following weekend but not quite sure yet.  I really enjoy the show up there in New Hampshire.  It is such a neat little fair!

We continue to whittle down our Lamancha herd.  We have sold Crusader and three of the does which will leave us with Little Rainbow French Pie who will be 14 years old.  She will live the remainder of her life here.  She is probably one of the last of the Little Rainbow herd owned by Tom and Barbara Reed.  We may keep two Crusader dry yearlings to see them in milk!

We do have our Spotlight Sale Kickapoo Valley Alpine buck Zeus for sale.  He has grown into quite a handsome fellow but we are not going to be breeding any Alpines this year .  The old girls will live in retirement.

Madison is going on 13 years old and continues to amaze us .  She is rather spoiled but looking wonderful. We were extremely pleased with our Rendezvous daughters in milk and can't wait to see how they mature.

We are also downsizing our Oberhasli herd .  We had a lot of doe kids born this year so must decide who stays and who goes.  We are keeping 5 milkers .

We have gotten some lovely daughters out of  CH Mcquitty Farm WMV Macabee.  The Saanen kids are lovely and we are so pleased to have added quite a few of the Hi-Land herd .

We were worried like everyone else about the hay situation but thankfully, we have enough to get us through until next spring.  It does help when you cut down on the number of animals you have.

Enough for now.   Wishing everyone well.   Donna

June 3,2012
It has been quite a hectic year and I am finally finding time to update our blog.  We will be listing only what we have left for sale which will make it easier to browse through.  We have been to our first show in May and  were very pleased to have the Best Doe in Show with two different Saanens .  We also had a 4year old Oberhasli go Best of Breed in both rings with 25 milkers total.  Our yearling and 2 year old Oberhasli were first in their class in the Oberhasli Specialy ring.   Our yearling Toggs placed first and second in one ring and first in the second ring.  Our 3 year old Togg went Reserve Grand in one ring.  A hectic day showing three different breeds in two different rings!!!!

We have been very fortunate to have acquired some lovely Saanens  one of which at her first show ever was Best in Show!   Hi-Land Lotus.  Thank you Jean Hurlburt for entrusting your favorite old girl to us.

We have sold our small Nigerian herd and have dramatically cut down our Alpine herd keeping only the old girls who will be retired.   We may only keep a few dry yearling Lamanchas along with a 2 year old milker.  Hard decisions to make but necessary as we wish to concentrate on our Toggs, Oberhasli and Saanens.