Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

It has been a while since we have posted an update to our blog.   I hope to do a better job this coming year.   Arn't New Year resolutions wonderful !!  We wish all our friends a year filled with health , happiness, and prosperity.

The past year has seen many changes here at Welbian Farm.   Due to our son's battle with ALS. he is no longer able to do our website  so I ask that you bear with me as I try to learn to take care of it myself.   It definitely will not have all the fancy things it could do when David was taking care of it but at least it will be functional and informative!

A hard year for our bucks as we lost three of our best  boys.  Both CH McQuitty Farm WMV Macabee (Saanen)  and Udderly Crazy Holy Roller (Oberhasli) were 8 years old.  We also lost our Spotlight Sale Togenburg buck Rowe's Falcon Rendezvous  who was the 2014 Premier Sire at Nationals.    All three of them produced some lovely animals for us.   Fortuntately we do have semen  but a straw isn't quite the same as a smelly old friend.

We have also cut way back on our herd and will continue to do so as Glen is battlling frontal lobe dementia .   He has always been an integral part of our goat enterprise and really loves them.  Unfortunately he is not able to do as much as he could in the past.

Our Toggenburg herd mostly descends from Welbian Farm Whin's Madison, our 2004 National Champion and BU and 2007 Reserve National Champion  who will turn 15 in March.   We have a few that are not related.  Our  Spotlight Sale doe Pindell's ASJ Tavoli and Quality Crest Matisse Credenza.  We have a Madison/Rendezvous buck,  Mad Max and two youngsters, a Maddie/Rendezvous cross and a Quality Crest buckling.

Our Oberhalsi all are related to Welbian Farm's Hot to Trot except for one.  There is a lot of consistency in their breeding and we only kept 6 does.  The outcross is from a Sparkling Acres doe.
Most all the breedings also go back to Holy Roller.  We have kept two Holy Roller sons.

Our Saanens started with the Hi-Land herd and continue to play a large part in our breeding program.
Macabee made a large impact on our offstrings.   Our Junior herdsire is a results of the breeding of Hi-Land Lotus LA92 and Macabee LA90.  We are excited to see what he produces.

We no longer have Nigerians.  We have a token Lamancas. and 2 old Alpines and 2 Alpine kids both of whom are Sasin grand daughters.  Glen likes his Alpines .

We will only be breeding around 20 does and will offer most of the kids for sale.

We have been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren and thank God for all the friendships we have made through the years with our goats.

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