Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 2018

Glen is dealing with Alzheimers and was diagnosed  9 years ago.  It is a battle that cannot be won.  We have dispersed of many of our animals and breeds,  We no longer have Alpines, Lamanchas, Nubians, Saanens
( well just a Saanen doeling from 2017)  Really miss the Saanens!  We have our Toggs and a few Oberhalsi left.  Most of our toggs go back to Madison as we have always line-bred.  Sadly we have said good by to
SGCH Madison at age 15 her daughter CH Maddie at age 12 , CH Tavoli our Spotlight Sale purchase and dam of Welbian Farm's Timeless , the 2018 Reserve National Champion at age 8.

We said good by to our Oberhasli foundation doe. CH Welbian Farm's Hot to Trot at age 12, also one of our nicest upcoming 4 years old CH Welbian Farm's Just the Ritz to an accident . Lastly , we said good by
 to our faithful Old English Mastiff who was indeed a gentle giant!!

we have been blessed with good things also.

Having less animals has made it easier to do chores and stay a little ahead of things.   We have about 20 goats including bucks and kids.  We made difficult decisions and kept only what we thought were the best breedings we had. We don't get to go to many shows but try at least to go to two.

We were thrilled to get a Rendezvous son  from Joan and Charles Rowe.  A beautiful boy with an outstanding pedigree.  The Rowe bucks have always done nice thing  for us.

We thank God for all the wonderful friends who have done so much for us as Glen is losing his battle and can not help much.  I am learning to be independent as Glen was always there to do things.  He really loves his goats !!
I have 12 goats bred,  2 more than I wanted to breed.

Life is good.  Our daughters are doing well as are all the grandchildren.  We miss our son but will see him again someday!

We wish everyone a wonderful kidding season with beautiful kids !!!

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