Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011 Update

Well, breeding season is here and we are in full swing. Said we would only breed 35 but the numbers keep increasing!! Every time I go into the kid barn , I see these lovely big kids and just can't see keeping them dry another year!! We are so pleased with our Rendezvous and Mad Max daughters. Need to see a few of these young Toggs in milk.

We were able to get quite a few of our bucks collected. Fortunately we had our young Saanen buck collected as we lost him to urinary calculi a few weeks ago. First time in a long, long time that we have ever lost a buck to that. He was a handsome young fellow and we do have a few daughters from him. None the least it was a real lost for us.

We went to the convention in Michigan and had a great time and got to visit with Glen's family as he is from Michigan. We also brought home a new Oberhasli sire, Sir Echo Bricker's Ritz. Thank you Sandy Van Echo for sending him to us. We have bred him to our 2 Champion Oberhasli..Hot to Trot and Finesse. Thank you to Tecoa Seibert for our lovely little Oberhasli doeling.

This is the beginning of updating our website. This is going to be a major project as we have sold many of our animals and will be adding several new ones. Please be patient as I am going to go breed by breed. Hope to have it finished sometime in December.

Hope everyone has a great breeding season. Donna

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