Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012 Update

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I have made all kinds of New Year resolutions and one of them is to keep everyone updated on what is going on at Welbian Farm. We have finished breeding the does (hopefully) and of course bred far more than we had planned on. We did leave some of the older girls dry but then bred several doelings that we had not planned on breeding!!
This is such an exciting time of the year as we await the new kids to arrive. We are extremely pleased with this year's kid crop and can't wait to see some of them in milk. Also hopefully this year will be a better year with no broken necks so that we can get them off to a good start milking on a regular twice a day schedule.

Glen still has to take it easy with his neck but was able to slowly but surely get the barn cleaned out. The does were almost able to walk over the feeders!! It seems good to be able to catch up on things. We still have a way to go but the animals will be comfy and cozy.

I have slowly been working on the website and have the Goats for Sale section updated with the breedings we have done. Mike also did quite a bit of updating on our facebook page "Welbianfarmdairygoats". It looks great and he even updated pictures. I also have updated the Semen Sales page. Now that the holidays are over with I hope to have the website updated by the end of January. With all the breeds it is quite a consuming task!

Take care everyone and hope you all have a great kidding season! Donna

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